tracking a phone called from "private number".

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  1. matthew-r88

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    Apr 13, 2005
    Had a similar thing happen ages ago,

    i knew who was doing it just couldnt prove it..

    telstra (or service provider) can setup a monitor which checks all numbers ppl call you on (private included) if you make a note of the time you were pranked you can reference that with telstra's information and they will pass it onto the police who have to then sort it out.

    this is if its a regular thing but if it was really nasty im sure the police would be a bit more sympathetic (mmmm sympathetic cop's thats an oxymoron isnt it :D)

    if you catch them break their dialing fingers :lol:
  2. Nova Phoenix

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Sympathetic cops = oxymoron. Never a truer statement.

    I also hate how str8 cops liken non-str8 cops in the GLO (correct name?) to rock spiders/pedophiles, and how they also hate whistleblowers who expose corrupt cops.

    It's ****en sickening!

    Back on topic...I might get myself a new mobile number. On rare occasions, someone who hates me pranks my number, or calls and says something nasty to me. With a new one, they'll be cut off permanently. :D

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