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    Travelled to India back in November 2016.... a few days in the currency crisis hit, where the 2 largest denomination notes the 1000 and 500 rupee notes were deemed useless overnight by the PM to try and stamp out black money and corruption. That was fun!
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    Not really a horror story but close enough and added extra lol-factor.

    December 2018, GF and i (now wife) did a 6 week holiday to Europe. Started in London, Then went Scotland - Ireland - France - Italy - Germany - Hungary - Home.

    Trip was pretty much winging it. We book the flights to London and back and first weeks accommodation in London. Only other thing we had booked the whole trip was a dinner at the Eiffel Tower which you had to pre-book and pay for. All internal flights/train rides and accommodation was booked on the day we landed in that Country. Before booking this all, I had organised to propose to the woman; Had no idea where, just bought the ring (have a mate at MH Jewelers) and told close family and that was it. I kept the ring hidden in my suitcase, never in my bag, to hide it from her. I had been toying with her for months (we'd been together 5 years at this point) to the point that she gave up wanting me to propose.. moving on....

    London was brilliant. Scotland was to die for.

    We booked flights to go from Glasglow to Dublin (a measly 40 min flight). Sadly, we could only book with RyanAir. Being that we were away for 6 weeks, we had suitcases and expected to pay for it, which we did. Flights were 50gbp each with bags. Never flying RyanAir before, was curious to see what the fuss was about.

    Rock up to Glasgow airport; Drop our hire car off and proceed to where the terminals were. After a bit of dicking around, found the "pov-spec" check in area for Ryanair which was deserted. There was a RyanAir desk which was manned, so i walked over and asked where the check in was, explicitly saying we have never flown RyanAir before. The bloke (not sure if bloke tbh) pointed to an empty cue, stating it won't open for another hour. We sat down and waited.

    Check in opens and we go line up. Second in line. We get to the front and the lady asks for our boarding pass. We look at her with a confused as hell look. We tell her we haven't flown with RyanAir before and that we thought she was suppose to give it to us. She points us back to the desk. Sooooo we walk back over and the same flog i spoke to goes "we are suppose to issue this to you. seeing as you haven't done this an hour before check in, its an extra 50gbp!!! I couldn't beleive it. The same fuckwit that i spoke to an hour ago is now expecting us to pay another 50gbp. I argue with him for 5 mins and he clearly doesn't give a rats ass. GF is seeing that i'm about to snap so she pulls me away and we go to the bar in the other part of the terminal.

    Over a couple of beers we look at other flights to other countries. At the end of it, decided to pay the extra and off we go. We walk back, pay the fine, I tell the guy hes a fuckwit and deserves a kick to his non-existent lady parts, and we go drop our bags off at the counter. At this point, there is no one in the line and check ins about to close.

    The Flight to Dublin was surprisingly good. Comfy flight really. Jetstar spec. We planned to look at accommodation in Dublin once we landed and also to just get a hire car from the airport.

    We land and proceed to the baggage terminal. I start looking at accommodation as we wait for our bags. 5 mins goes by.... no bags.. 15 mins goes by... no bags. All passengers on the flight had carry on and only one other chap was waiting with us for his bags. RyanAir employee comes over asking what we were waiting for... "our bags" is what i reply while still trying to find accommodation. She goes away to check the baggage area out back etc to see if they could be located. She comes back some 15 mins later, at this point i'm realizing whats happened. "sorry, but you bags aren't here, please follow me". We follow her to the RyanAir desk and she starts to look on her system. The other chap waiting comes over to the desk and complains, asking where his bag is also. (my mrs has an auto-imunne disease and some* of her medication was in her suitcase). She starts to realize that her bag and medication is lost and starts freaking out... We are only 2 weeks into our trip and these fuckers have lost our bags.

    We have been at this counter for nearly an hour while this European RyanAir employee is looking at her computer, trying the phones. She can't even locate the bags. She says the bags weren't scanned, she says she can't contact Glasgow.. Making up (at least i think) all these different excuses. The chap next to me apparently worked for an airport in the UK and is calling her bluff etc etc. At the same time, My Mrs is in tears realizing our bags are lost and her medication lost also. I flip and start raising my voice which led to the local Airport security coming over to suss out whats going on (im 6'5", broad shouldered and 130kg at this point). explain to them the situation and they call for a paramedic to speak to my mrs to see if they can get her a script or anything to get the Mrs by with her medication.

    15 mins later, we have conceded defeat. Our contact details are left at the desk with the lady who says shes going to follow up where the bags are/might be. We leave the airport with no accommodation or car. We walk out into the pickup area, I get a hire car easily enough and the mrs finds a place right in the heart of Dublin. We drive into the city, shes calmed down, i'm still furious. We arrive at the hotel (which has a bar off the side of it thank god), we decide to get hammered to celebrate. We go out and we both get sloshed and I get a phone call a few hours later around 11pm.

    The ladies found the bags. The utter dickwads from Glasgow didn't put them on the plane. She says they are on the next flight and will get into Dublin Airport in a few hours. She will have them sent to use directly at the hotel ready for the morning. Surely enough, the next day, nursing a hangover, they are downstairs waiting for us. Hurrah!

    Fast forward to the end of the trip:

    We are happy, in Europe, have had a great time and our last stop is Budapest. Its beautiful, cold, snowy. The Mrs makes a comment about me being a shit BF for not proposing to her. I just utter back "so you want me to propose?", "yep" she replies. I get up and walk out, go to my suitcase, pull the ring out and walk back into the bedroom and i'm like "oh im guessing this is for you then", holding out the ring. She loses it and couldn't believe it. a few hours later once its all worn off, shes like "you had this in your suitcase the whole time, even after all that drama in Dublin and you didn't bat an eyelid?". "yeah, it was the last thing on my mind to be honest haha". All is good in the world.


    -goes to europe for 6 week holiday with engagement ring in suitcase
    -mrs doesn't expect a thing. has given up expecting me to propose by this stage
    -make mistake of flying ryanair to ireland
    -make mistake of thinking ryanair was a good idea
    -ryanair does such a ryanair thing to do and loses luggage
    -leave dublin airport with no suitcases
    -get hammered, suitcases get found and delivered to us next day
    -end of trip, propose to mrs who wasnt expecting it. she loses her shit and is happy
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