REVIEW Tronix Slim 8000mAh external battery.

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    Tronix Slim 8000mAh external battery.
    Thanks to Kevdch and Tronix for giving me a chance to review their external battery.

    Disclaimer: This is the first review of anything I've ever posted, so apologies if it's a little clumsy. I'm also not very good at photos, and only have the camera in my phone, so sorry about the quality of the pics.
    With that out of the way, on with the review!

    First impressions:
    The Tronix came in an unassuming little carboard box, which looks like it's made from recycled material, though I can't find anything written down which confirms this.

    The user manual is small, concise and pretty conprehensive (it's a battery, not exactly rocket surgery).

    We also get a nice flat white cable. It is quite short, which is nice for pocket space and charging the phone, but it's a little annoying when charging back up at home. This would not be an issue if your phone uses a regular micro-USB charging cable, as you could just use the one cable for either device; unfortunately for me, my note III uses a silly USB3 cable. Luckily the note III is backwards compatible with regular micro USB cables, so the stock cable still works to charge my phone out in the wild.

    As for the unit itself, it's sleek, understated, and unassuming; exactly what you want from a battery. It's quite large, with only a slightly smaller footprint than my behemoth Galaxy Note III. That said, I did ask for the big one, there are smaller units available with smaller capacaties.
    Apologies for the photo quality, my only cameras are my phone and my ipod.

    I like the one piece aluminium housing, with subtle plastic bits sitting flush in either end.

    We have one button for checking charge, four little LEDs (for checking how much charge is left), one input port for charging the battery, and 2 USB ports to plug your phone into: One 2.1A fast charging port, and a slower 1.0A port for slower charging or older phones (I didn't use this one, but I universal compatibility makes me happy).

    Build quality:
    One of the plastic end cap thingos isn't quite straight/flush with the edges of the aluminium..
    The only other flaw I could find was a tiny bit of wobble in the USB ports. Honestly, though, I feel like I'm nitpicking a little bit, overall this very high quality unit is sleek and feels very solid.

    My testing wasn't exactly scientific, I just took it with me when I went out and charged my phone if I needed it. The lights for checking charge are a little lacking in precision, as they only give you 4 for a rough idea of how much charge you have left. That said, I wouldn't want to pay more for a feature as useless as marginally more precise charge reporting.
    I never ended up emptying the unit, as my phone lasts about 14 hours on one charge (light usage), so with the extra charge from the battery, I was never left in the dark (even that time I stayed out in the city unil 9AM).
    I did one test at home, and found that it could charge my phone from 14% battery in about 2 hours and 15 minutes (using the 2.1A port), which is pretty much spot on what my wall charger can do. The Tronix still had one light showing charge, so it still had somewhere from 1/4 to 1/2 charge left.

    I've never used any competing products, so I don't really have a point of comparison, but I love this little thing. It's saved my arse a few times and now I couldn't live without one. For less than $40, I would probably have bought one myself.
    5 stars :thumbup::thumbup:
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    Thanks for the review. Just bought one :thumbup:

    On sale for $34.95 at the moment
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    Nice review! I recently purchased the following.

    ebay delivered me a TP-Link 10400 mAh battery bank for $39. (TP-PB10400)

    Comes with a built in torch, micro usb cable, neat carry pouch. It can charge two devices at once via the 2.1A and 1A outputs.

    It has various protection circuits that monitor for over voltage, over current, over charge, over discharge and over heating. Advertises it can handle 500+ cycles.

    Neat design, solid construction and 3 year warranty. It boasts a 90% charge efficiency so it should deliver nearly all of its capacity. I can charge my Note 4, 3 times so can last a week camping with light use. 9 out of 10.


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