Unlocking cores with Nvidia NVCC

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    hey there, i just spent the last few days trying to figure out this NVCC since i could not find anything explaining how to use it correctly.
    Well i have worked out how to use it and just wanted to let anyone else know how to if there wanting to unlock cores on a Nvidia chipset.

    • First boot up into bios settings and enter into NVCC(under M.I.T on gigabyte boards) then set it to "Per Core" dont use the Auto setting.
    • Reboot and go back into youre bois settings and enter NVCC again now disable core 3(you only want to test one "locked" core at a time).
    • Reboot, let it load into windows and stress the CPU(prime95, intelburn test, orthos, etc), If it fails the test or locks up go back into bios and set core 2 in NVCC to -2% and retest, if it fails try -4% and so on upto -12%.
    • If it still fails at -12% the core is too damaged to run and should remain locked.
    • Repeat all steps on core 3 with core 2 disabled while testing(even if it passed)

    You may need to step up the chipset voltage +.1v to get it to run NVCC succesfully(higher than stock voltages can damage hardware so do it at youre own risk).

    Doing this testing i have been able to get my 555BE 3 hours prime95 stable at 3.8GHz X3 with 1.425Vcore, +.1v on the chipset and core 3 set to -8% in NVCC, i had it running at -4% with 1.456Vcore but saw no performance increase so i settled for the lower voltage at -8%.
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