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  1. Spork!

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    Jun 5, 2009
    Hi all.
    Posting here because I've found other inetersts / hobbies since building (and overclocking) pc's a few years back, and the tech has changed so much I haven't kept up at all.
    I'm still running an "old" C2Q - 9650 CPU (@ 3.6GHz) with a 6950 GPU (stock clocks) and a tiny little (gen 1) intel SSD and 8GB ram, running W7.
    It does most the things I want, but I've noticed that the newer games only run on Medium or even Low settings.

    Would a new GPU (thinking something like a R9 280) reinvigorate my PC, or would it be bottlenecked by the CPU?
    What sort of newer gen. processor would I need to notice a big improvement?
    What else has changed in the last couple of years? Is USB3 now the standard for most devices? (didital camers etc)
    How much would I need to spend to get a newer PC that was considerably better than my current one?
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  2. Potplanty

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    Jul 27, 2013
    Your CPU is the bottleneck here. Straight up I'd say get a new CPU. I'd recommend the newer 4690K from Intel as it's the most current and has the potential for overclocking down the road.

    Speaking from experience the 6950 is actually a really good GPU. If anything I'd say keep it and get another and run in CrossfireX. Or even flash the 6970 BIOS and run the clocks a bit higher.

    USB 3.0 isn't really the standard. Pretty much everything is still fine on 2.0. That's not to say that 3.0 isn't handy though and isn't catching up.

    If you're not already running some I'd suggest some RAM of at least 1600MHz CL9.
  3. wolfie870

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    Oct 7, 2009
    New CPU = new motherboard, which in turn it would probably be worth upgrading your HDD and SSD.

    A new GPU may give you better performance, but if you can swing it, you're probably better off building a whole new box.

    Not sure if you’re needing/wanting to go straight to a 4790K, you may be better off going for an i5 and get similar latest gen performance (depending on what you’re doing with it).

    As far as new features, you’re looking at:

    SATA 6.0
    mSATA and/or M.2
    PCI 3.0

    Have a read about the above to get an idea of what advantages they bring to the party.

    Lastly, have a google around about your current situation, should be a few Tom’s hardware etc. type forums with people asking the same questions about upgrading, usually some really sound responses with benchmarks etc. to back them up.
  4. Oblivion-330

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    May 13, 2009
    Bit late to the party here but ill add my thoughts regardless.

    Here is what I would do:
    Overclock your cpu to 4ghz since your at 3.7 with low volts this will be a walk in the park.
    Buy a new graphics card, a 280x will be an improvement over your current one but whatever you can afford with your budget.

    After doing this I would play some games and if you are still not satisfied you could think about upgrading your whole system. You haven't lost anything by doing the first step since you would need to buy a new graphics card anyway and the Q9650 at 4ghz is nothing to be snuffed at. I don't think it would bottleneck you just yet.

    Regarding usb3, yes it has faster transfer rates but it mostly depends on the device using it. Usb3 thumb drives for example can be used on usb 2.0 interface and if its half decent, max out its transfer rate at 30MB/S. Your average usb 2 thumb drive won't come close, in either a usb 2 or 3 port.

    As mentioned by wolfie870, new generation stuff brings some cool features to the table but you will have to weigh up the advantages vs the cost of upgrading and see if it is viable for you. :thumbup:
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