UPS rebuild options.

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    So I thought it was time to get a UPS into the rack at home. The computers have their own, and the NBN box has a battery backup, but the network and server is currently unfiltered and no UPS.
    A friend had an old Eaton 9130 2RU UPS which he gave to me to use.

    Issue. When you plug it in, nothing happens, no lights on the front panel, no fans spinning up in the back etc. Pressing the power button also does nothing. After talking with Eaton (whose response was 'it is old and servicing it will be more expensive than buying a new one, cough up $2400 kthx') I was hoping there might be a way to work out what might be wrong with it and fix it, and not spending copious amounts of money. (For reference, we have a fresh set of batteries for it)

    Does anything think they might be able to help point me in the right direction, or at least point me in the direction of someone or a company who would be able to service it? (Location: Canberra)
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    Quick squizz at the User Manual, no external fuse. So only thing I'd offer is maybe pull the battery pack then see if it then lights up.

    But asthat looks to be a 48 volt pack even that might be a bad suggestion, on the offchance that's actually working/charged and you do an Ooops with that.

    Because to troubleshoot/poke around any further on from there you'd be playing with large bitey (and lethal) voltages inside that thing that apparently you've never played with before, so I'd seriously suggest you give that thing to someone who has and ask them to look into it.

    As far as finding a commercial repairer down your way, not my turf so honestly NFI. But asking Uncle Google looks to come up with a couple of non-Eaton ones that may work for you.

    Else paint it bright green, throw it into the long grass and look around for one that already works, or even one that simply needs new batteries.

    Quick tickle on Farcebook's Marketplace up here for example there's two rackmount UPS' for reasonable dollars, far (!) less than what a repair or possibly even just a quote would cost you.
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    Eaton 9130.. Worst.UPS.Ever.

    What do you want to happen when the incoming mains is fluctuating? That's right, for the ups to turn off. Not just run on battery.. Nooo. Turn off. POS.

    Sorry for outburst.
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    Jan 27, 2014
    Anybody with a bit of brain will tell you to turf it and they are not worth fixing (unless its a well documented fault/defect online). Troubleshooting hard faults with those older rack mount Eaton especially some of the older big ones without smart circuits will give you a chain of problems.

    The voltages inside are not to be taken lightly of and you can kill yourself if you prod the wrong thing. There are multiple transformers inside that do the step up voltage conversion and we are talking 200-350vdc range.
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