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Discussion in 'HTPC' started by gurner, Jun 28, 2010.

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    I'm not too sure exactly where I should post this thread, because it covers a range of different issues, but I have chosen to post it here.

    I am putting together an HTPC, however I am having trouble choosing a video card.

    The HTPC will definitely have windows on it, however I was also considering the idea of running an XBMC live distribution as well.

    I was going to purchase an HIS 5450, as it is low profile and passively cooled, however I have read that ATI cards can be a pain in the ass for linux media centres.

    So, my questions are:

    1. If I am already installing Windows, is there any advantage to running XBMC live over just installing XBMC through windows? Surely DXVA would run everything okay through windows, right?

    2. If so, am I better off going for an nVidia card?

    3. If I do choose and nVidia card, will it be harder to output sound through HDMI?
  2. SneakyBastd

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Fwiw, I just bought an Asus EAH5570, and while its certainly powerful enough, half height, etc, the fan is insanely loud. Its always on and always whining away like a jet engine. I'm gonna have to disable it and put a new fan on it or something.

    I use XBMC on XP, and its pretty good. It accelerates all my 264 stuff on the GPU and works a charm. Dont know anything about running XBMC custom builds though. Only bug I've seen with XBMC is that it won't shutdown if I've played any 264 content. I can play DVDs, normal vids, etc, it shuts down fine. Play just one 264 movie, and it wont. Havent had time to investigate why yet.

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