[WINXP] Vmware Client <-> Host networking issues

Discussion in 'Windows Operating Systems' started by CirCit, May 20, 2010.

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    Apr 4, 2002
    ive been playing with vmware server on my winxp host for a while now
    log story short i decided to do a major trash of all but 1 vm and remove vmware server in favor of vmware player for the 3d support

    during playing with some brand new images i was perplexed with a network issue

    the host and vm and can ping each other, browse the network and the internet, but try open a communication line between them and nothing happens

    so with 2pc's a router and a vm
    the vm can ping everything
    the pc's can ping everything
    the vm can contact shares on the other pc on the network
    the other pc can access shares on vm and host
    the host can access the other pc's shares
    everyone has internet

    VM->Host SMB Fails
    Host->Vm smb Fails
    VM->Host Http Fails

    but they can ping each other upto 65500 packets no problem

    on VMserver i had a issue with flood protection in winxp server service but this is all network traffic

    Extra Info:
    Host is Winxp Pro
    Vm is Win7 or ubuntu ... tryed both
    the vm's are in bridge mode and it worked in vmserver
    ive reinstalled my nic and removed / reinstalled the vmware bridge protocol in the network properties page

    I think im down to removing vmware player and hunting for traces of it in my system then reinstalling
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