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what do I need? - 2.2" 16:9 - 3.2" 9:16 video player

Discussion in 'Electronics & Electrics' started by proffesso, Jun 21, 2020.

  1. proffesso

    proffesso Member

    Jan 5, 2002
    Watsonia, Melbourne
    Hey all

    I have a project that needs to playback an mp4 on a 2.2", 16:9 to a 3.2" 9:16 lcd, ideally with USB power.

    I've looked at adafruit and the 2.2" HAT and a Rpi Zero...but I don't know whats involved there.

    are there other (cheaper?) options? some of the displays have SDcard readers in them, but do they support video?

    or should I just rip apart some cheap ebay/amazon mp3/mp4 players?
  2. _zak

    _zak Member

    Oct 12, 2009
    Depending on lots of factors, a Pi Zero is likely your best bet. Raspberry Pi OS has a command-line media player called OMXPlayer, which is hardware-accelerated and can be configured with Linux tools to start on boot (see for example this StackOverflow question). There are also more complicated tools like piSignage which can be configured over a network.

    Displays with SD card readers will almost certainly not work for what you're doing. SD cards can speak SPI (a protocol that almost all microcontrollers can use), so the SD card slot is there because it's a useful place to store data that the micro can then display on the screen. The screen and its chip usually don't access the SD card at all, and even if they can are almost certainly not able to play compressed video.

    A cheap mp4 player from the usual places is probably the quickest option if you can find one with the screen size you need, but if you're thinking of replacing the screen it may be more difficult than you think. They're usually built with an all-in-one chip that includes the display driver, so you will likely be looking at some very fine-pitch soldering on the off chance that your replacement screen is compatible at all.

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