What's the worst thing you've fried with an accidental ESD during a build?

Discussion in 'PC Build Logs' started by Crewcut, Oct 10, 2020.

  1. daehenoc

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    Nov 4, 2005
    Mt Gravatt E, BNE, QLD
    Not a PC, but an industrial radio; I was tuning it and the screwdriver I was using to touch a variable potentiometer drifted down while I was watching the oscilloscope and ... touched the case edge. Caused a hell of a bang, turns out that the particular pot was very high voltage and vapourised a neat 5mm semi-circle out of the case edge (about 3mm aluminum). Needless to say, the PCB of the radio was totally destroyed.

    Actually, wasn't an ESD story at all, but a not-paying-attention-with-disasterous consequences story, I guess!
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    Jun 4, 2002
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    ESD damage more commonly causes shorter lifespan (Latent failure) , reduced performance, or reduced design overhead.

    You'll never know if that CPU,GPU,RAM died because of a random failure, or much earlier ESD damage. CPU degredation might be accelerated , or it might completely fail after being overvolted for years , which most would put down to bad luck , but could be the consequences of earlier ESD damage.

    It's definitely not a myth, but it's pretty rare. and devices are protected pretty well these days, but the protection can be sacrificial with a big enough discharge, others might have limited protection for performance reasons.

    It's so easy to take reasonable / Basic precautions though, I don't know why anyone would not, unless you just don't give a shit how long something lasts, or who might own it later on.
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    Dec 22, 2003
    Years back the day of the Pentium 166MHz I was working on a video stores computer. I told them I had a feeling something was wrong with the PSU and I should replace it.
    They needed to open in the morning and told me just try and start the computer, I did and it literally went up in flames with all their records.
    I tried to warn them so they said they should have listened to me so they bought an expensive computer from my business to replace it.
    Their poor daughter spent the next month putting all the codes from every video in to the new system.
    Funny thing is they told every other business owner to listen to me as I had told them about the PSU and I was right so my small business took off and became successful.
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