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Discussion in 'Windows Operating Systems' started by clipo, Aug 18, 2002.

  1. clipo

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    Apr 10, 2002
    Manchester UK
    Im trying to install Win Xp Pro on a new machine ive just build "spec below" Ive Fdisked and formatted the HDD to FAT32 copied the i386 directory accross for speed and set the install off,

    The install progress as normal untill it gets up the the real installing of the OS and it reports that a file is missing bla bla bla the file is normaly "Pciindex.dll" and some times another random file if you ignore the file it will install a few more files then say another file is missing and so on.

    Now I dont think the problem is really with the system since its brand OS virgin new system and ive had the very same trouble with an old system i was installing a duron system this time, I tried to install 2k on that one and faild there and ended up with 98SE,

    Now im not a n00b at all ive install more than my fair share of OS's and had more than enough problems to solve, so ive tried almost every thing anyone can generaly think off, installing from the CD, re-formatting the HDD, splitting the HDD in to two partitions, makeing it an NTFS drive, un-plugging every IDE device but the HDD, other XP disks from friends, the works

    So PLEASE help before I kill some one its driving me nuts

    System Spec

    Athlon XP 1900
    ASUS A7V333
    256MB KingMax PC2100 DDR Ram
    ATi Radeon 9000 64MB DDR
    80GB SeaGate ATA 100 7200RPM HDD
    Creative Live
    Hayes PCI modem
    and all the normal boring stuff

  2. maddhatter

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    Jun 27, 2001
    Mackay, QLD.
    Try clearing the BIOS, then restore failsale defaults (in bios) then try installing it again.

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