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    Jan 23, 2008

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a run down of azure. Its a little hard to get a clear idea about it even now.

    I want to leverage its computing power to do cpu intensive calculations. Basically, i would like the ability to kick off say 10-100 instances of my application (can be a dll) and have it run.

    Anyone know if this is possible and how i would do it? i imagine a windows front end interface, with the ability to set the number of instances to run, press the button and it goes.

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    Sep 19, 2005
    Azure, from what I've seen, is focused on deploying web applications, not providing CPU cycles on demand. From my (albeit limited) understanding, you would need to have a persistent web application frontend which then spawns the instances of your application as required, but even then I don't think Azure is the appropriate solution for you. It seems to be more a platform as a service, sort of an alternative to maintaining a server or hiring rack space in a datacenter.
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    yes and no. Azure is a cloud service such as Amazons cloud services. It is there to be technically short term hired for cheap, and have a huge amount of resources available. I personally havent worked with it but the company i work for used it for the ESSA test this year in most public schools over the course of a single day. Worked very well.

    Read the Azure blogs will give you more of an idea.
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    Nov 26, 2015
    Hi. a blind it student studying a diploma of software development from

    Hi. a blind it student studying a diploma of software development from And using for their content. I use a screen reader jaws for windows from, and the windows azure I am up to the subject using windows azure web apps. So I have an account, via dreamspark. And now when I tried to create a new application, the site is totally inaccessible. Using windows 10 64 bit pro on a Toshiba satellite pro machine, and using firefox and internet explorer, could not create a new application, and the site could use improved accessibility, try the 40 minute version of jaws or the free non visual desktop access at, and more headings, a true radio button group or list, keyboard short cuts, and could not seem to crea the web apps, I need this for this next part of my subject for the course, windows 8.1 windows azure, I need the accessibility department. Unless there is a more accessible version of the site. Thought Microsoft would have adhered to the world wide consortium adaptive gudielines 2.0, making website accessible, have not tried google chrome, but probably the same, and Microsoft edge does not work with screen readers. Have got visual studio community 2015, and when I went to the server explorer, Microsoft azure, says 0 subscriptions, and then when I signed in, only the databases showed up. So any help. Just frustrated, maybe contact my lecturer Darrell klar via, maybe on school holidays.
    Can you help. Tried phoning, but our phone home phone not working and not sure if left a message or got through.
    Can you help.
    Frustrated and stuck, and also your tabs need to be fix a total mess accessibility.
    Using aa screen reader.
    Get back to me, want to do the first exercise, and following the transcript on the site.
    Marvin from Adelaide.
    Ps: tried to call, and then tried to e-mail, but got a filure notice. And the web portal is a nightmare, for accessibility.
    So do you know who to e-mail or accessibility a Microsoft Australia, azure.
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    Jun 16, 2001
    A Reported Post Near You
    I'm not sure if this is the right venue to be asking for help with this unfortunately, unless some Microsoft person happens across this post, or an accessibility standards group gets involved in pressuring Microsoft. You're probably better off contacting Microsoft rather than the school unless the school sanctions and supports the use of the reader software you're using. Good luck. :/
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    Nov 26, 2015
    hi, does any one know where i can contact azure accessibility australia. there site needs improvement from a accessibility site, and learning about windows azure, so will have to use it via visual studio 2017 community. the trying to create web apps, and local urls, is not very accesible with my screen reader, and just getting frustrated. tried to create a web app with sql, and said there was an error, but the error did not say anything, and just a lot of clicable links, which is frowned on by web accessibility. so, where to contact, tried googling, so, is there a accessibility azure group, forum, mailling list, so i can then make contact and suggest improvements to their site. and using a dreamspark subscription. marvin.
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    Jan 22, 2002
    I honestly doubt you will get any help from them, the azure application is all point and click and you can't use tab or keys to move around on the screen.

    I think you will need to get someone else to physically help you by setting it up. Can you get any disability help, eg someone to physically do some of it for you?

    Otherwise try the azure forums

    Or try submitting feedback here

    I wouldn't hold your breath though, it does not look like something you can use without a mouse and I doubt they are going to change it in the short term. I think your best avenue would be to get physical assistance from someone who can use the site for you to get a web app deployed, from there on you probably don't need to use the UI again.

    You can also deploy azure web apps directly from code or from visual studio, so if you can get the initial web app deployed, eg an azure account set up, then you can do the rest of it from the visual studio UI which can be done entirely from the keyboard. I'm sure you can get disability help from the school where someone can do the initial set up for you, then you do the rest, it would not even need to be an IT person, just someone to do the initial point and click on the azure website for you.

    Maybe another option is to get to the page, then load up teamviewer and have someone log in and do the mouse point and click set up for your remotely. If you can detail exactly what you need set up (eg step by step) it would make it easier for someone to offer you some help.

    If you are comfortable sharing azure credentials (password and username) you could possibly get someone to create your account/web app remotely for you as well, then you do the rest from the visual studio UI. Is this something you've asked the school about doing for you?
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