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Discussion in 'Retro & Arcade' started by Dogga, Apr 28, 2011.

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    Jul 31, 2001
    Hi All,
    When I was in Canada I built a unit similar to the below link(the owner of the blog was nice enough to send me his CAD plans which I changed to suit my needs)

    Unfortunatley I had to leave it behind but was keen to build another unit here. After seeing the posts here I decided to send an email with plans to Troy at ArcadeWorx to see if he could knock something up. After a lengthy email discussion and some plans changes/redesign by Troy(for the better I think) by Troy we decided on a design and Troy went to work.

    To cut a long story short they should be arriving today, so wanted to start a post I could update with my worklog.

    I got two units ,a steal at the price compared to what I paid in Canada to get my other unit cut, I went with hard wearing white glossed MDF so no perspex needed. The joysticks will be bottom mounted Sanwas with US style arcade buttons (I like the loud clicking and I grew up with them) in a straight 6 config. Troy can do any button/joystick style and layouts you like though

    Planning to use PS360+ ' s in both units to allow some 4 player MAME action either via PC or Xbox 360 (jtag) or some 2 player modern fighters via XBox360/PS3 . The one in Canada had the PC inside the unit which was awesome , but wanted to extend the functionality to xbox360/ps360 and mini-itx PCs are pretty small these days so can place these outside as well.

    I really like these units as they are very portable to take to a mates place / work but still heavy enough to have a real arcade feel (stand up and button mash away) and not just feel like a arcade stick setup. Also easy to pack away when the Boss has had enough of an arcade machine in the living room.

    Anyway excited that my units are coming today (hence the rambling), will post up some pics etc when I get around to building them. (waiting on the PS360+ to be released. Troy was more than helpful ,as I had a 1000 questions and my idea for how the unit moved away from the original (mounting PC in) the interior) to the external PC/Xbox 360, but Troy was happy to answer all my questions and make large/little changes as needed to the unit.
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    Aug 19, 2001
    So hows about an update and pictures please?

    This looks good and I will be hitting up Troy for my Viewlix soon :thumbup:

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