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    I've probably said it before (this thread is getting on), buy the whole concept of copyright came about with the printing press. Prior to that, copying something had to be done by hand, and was difficult. The printing press came along, and suddenly copying was a whole lot easier. Buy-in was still difficult (printing presses were expensive), but mass-production was now easier.

    Fast forward to today, and copying digital things is nearly zero effort. A ROM represents months, sometimes years of human effort and labour. But the actual ROM itself is at most a few MB of information (frequently far less) that can be copied thousands of times per second all over the planet. The act of copying it, the process of replicating bytes from point A to point B, is trivial.

    What, then, is the hold up with offering these things for sale? What stupidity have we, as human beings, invented to wrap up such a simple operation in layers of obfuscation and legal bullshit to make it so difficult for rights holders to sell these trivially copy-able things? And at what point did it start making more economic be negative millions of dollars in legal fees instead of positive thousands of dollars in sales of these trivially copy-able things?

    At this point, making physical cartridges a rare commodity achieves exactly three things:

    1) It gives pirates lots of incentive to do bad things, and lines lawyers' pockets with game dev/publisher's profits (that could otherwise have gone to paying more game devs)

    2) It gives the second (third/fourth/ad-naseam) hand market enormous profits via hoarding and reselling

    3) It prevents a legitimate customer market from giving rights owners cash to enjoy the works (which is the whole point of commercial art).

    If we all step back and take a look at this from a "30,000 foot view", the ridiculousness of it all is exasperating. So many stupid things going and so much money wasted for no actual positive reason.

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