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  1. Radley

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Coffs Harbour
    Blast from the past. I used to have a bunch nearly 15 years ago but not sure where they are. I might dig a couple up and see how many I can find.

    Edit: Managed to find 4 Zippos and a Porsche Design lighter. I'm missing a couple of Zippos but probably chucked or lost them. The years range from '02 to '08
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  2. th3_hawk

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    Jun 4, 2005
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    Wow, that's an impressive collection!

    I used to use one as my daily back in the mid-nineties, just a plain silver one which sadly got lost somewhere along the way. I've still got a Jack Daniels silver one from '97 (XIII) which was used for a period and a hammered finish (not sure what you would call it??) silver one from '05 which someone got me as a present which was never really used.

    I just pulled them out for a look see and despite not being used in 15 years both still have a spare flint hidden away under the felt ;) I also have some genuine Zippo flints and wicks in the drawer. I like the history they represent but as a reformed smoker they don't have a real use at the moment. I hope to use them when camping with the kids one day.

    That sound though, takes me back to a different period in my life!

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  3. GTR27

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    Aug 16, 2002
    I'd have to dig it up, but in the late 80's we had a home stay with us from the US Navy (Dad was in the airforce and was encoruaged to take a homestay off the ship during shore leave) who was serving on the USS Texas

    He Gave us a genuine zippo from the USS Texas (that only serving personel were supposed to be able to purchase). It's hidden away in a box somewhere, but I wondered if it was ever worth anything. Still works as far as im aware :thumbup: one of these days ill get around to looking for it :lol:

    EDIT: Looks just like this one
  4. Hater

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    Nov 19, 2012
    I have a multicoloured rainbow one I keep in my pocket at all times. I don't smoke, but I get asked for a light so often that I decided to start carrying it around because it's kind of cool.
  5. FIREWIRE1394

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    Sep 20, 2012
    Great collection!
    About a decade back I had a couple of Zippos, and was considering a few more, then one day in 2014 I lost my second one which was a nice printed Jim Beam one (daily driver lighter).
    I was driving home from work, and had just finished driving the mountain pass, after I did a decent time (always time my drives on that section of road), and with the rest of the drive being boring as shit, I clicked that oh so familiar zippo open to light a smoke, lit the smoke, clicked it closed and then going to put it in my top pocket, I slightly missed and it slid down between the seat and centre console, and I thought nothing of it.
    I got home and looked for the lighter but it was nowhere to be found.

    Over the next 4 years it never showed up again (The centre console, seats and carpets had been removed/restored before I sold the car)
    so after it vanished without a trace, I stopped using my other one as it was a gift, and I didn't want to lose it. After I stopped using the second one I switched to throwaway cheap/crap lighters.

    I still have a brand new wick and almost full pack of flints in a drawer with the one I still have, but since the damn lighters can fucking vanish out of thin air, for no god damn reason I am not inclined to use it... If I want a lighter to disappear for no reason, I'll use a BIC!

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